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We all know man’s best friends need walks, but as a dog owner sometimes we need a helping hand to ensure our furry friends are well exercised.

Hiring a dog walker is the best way to give your dog all the exercise and attention he or she needs, when you can’t be there to walk alongside them.

In our directory you can find contact details and more information about dog walkers local to you, and contact them to find out more or arrange a meeting.

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As a dog walker, it’s never been more important to advertise your services to online. We can help to connect you with dog walking clients in your local area.

You can create a dog walker advertisement here on Dog Walker Directory – it’s absolutely free, no catches.

Our directory has been active since 2011 and we’re well placed in the search engine listings, helping you to get precious links back to your website and social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s easy to list your details by filling in our simple form, and if you have an existing dog walker advertisement you can easily login to edit or delete it at any time.

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Here at Dog Walker Directory we make it easy to find a dog walker in your local area.

You can search by village, city, town or county. Browse through the dog walker listings where you can find their contact details, the services available, pricing information, and a little bit more information about the dog walkers near you.

We want to help you to leave your dog in the hands of a professional dog walker who will care for your pet as if it was their own.

Once you’ve searched our database of dog walkers, you can then take the next step and make contact with a walker (or walkers) by phone or email to get a quote or chat about your pet care requirements.

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