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Cheapest compostable dog waste bags

As a professional dog walker, you’ll know just how many dog poop bags you can get through each day, sometimes adding up to hundreds per week! So you’ll want to buy in bulk, at the lowest price you can find. Here’s our roundup of good quality, bulk value, compostable dog poo bags: Made using corn …

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Best multi dog lead for professional dog walkers

When you’re walking multiple dogs at one time, especially if you’re having a ‘pack walk’ of 3 or more dogs, you’re most certainly going to need a multi-dog lead. This will make your walk so much easier and make the dogs more manageable. There are various types of multi-dog leads on the market and they …

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What to look for when choosing a dog walker for your dog

Finding a dog walker can be a stressful task, especially if you have a dog that isn’t totally comfortable with strangers, or if you need to give the dog walker access to your home when you’re not there. It’s important to get it right and choose a dog walker that both you and your dog …

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