The Dog Walker Directory is an online service for professional dog walkers to advertise their services.

Since 2011 we’ve been helping dog walkers to advertise their services, and helping dog owners to find a new walking buddy for their furry friends.

Dog walking is a booming industry and we want to encourage this because we love dogs and we know how much dogs love their exercise!

An un-excercised dog can become a miserable dog, an anxious dog and sometimes even a ‘problem dog’.

If you struggle to provide your dog with the exercise he or she needs every day, hiring a dog walker can help your dog to stay healthy, behave better and feel happier!

Why advertise on DogWalkerDirectory.co.uk?

All dog walker advertisement posts are free (this may change in future but for now they are completely, 100% free).

We’ve built the Dog Walker Directory to be as accessible as possible for users, with clear navigation and information, and to be friendly towards search engine listings, meaning your customers will find you easily.

We seriously love dogs and we want to make sure as many dogs as possible can receive the walks they need.

Having spent years involved in animal rescue volunteering, it’s been extremely sad to see the amount of dogs abandoned every year due to minor behavioural problems. With regular walks and activity, we believe a lot of these problems are avoidable, so it’s worth it as a dog owner to hire a walker especially if you are struggling to provide the exercise your dog needs, or even if you just need a break on occassion.