Cheapest compostable dog waste bags

As a professional dog walker, you’ll know just how many dog poop bags you can get through each day, sometimes adding up to hundreds per week! So you’ll want to buy in bulk, at the lowest price you can find.

Here’s our roundup of good quality, bulk value, compostable dog poo bags:

Made using corn starch, these compostable dog bags from Green Maker were the cheapest compostable dog bags we could find, great value in a pack of 360 bags.

They have dozens of 5 star reviews with praise for their size, strength and ease of use. The only negative point mentioned is that these compostable dog bags don’t have tie handles, but this is the cheapest offer we could find for this amount of compostable bags, so perhaps it’s worth it for the money saved.

These compostable bags from PubRepublic are claimed to break down within 90 days into just CO2 and water, making them an awesome green choice of dog waste bag! With their large, extra strong and leak proof design, they currently have 95% five star reviews, and you can save on your purchase by using Amazon’s ‘subscribe and save’ service. Again though, these bags do not come with tie handles, so if this is a must have for you, check out our next pick…

Finally, ‘The Sustainable People’ Premium Poop Bags. These “extra thick, extra large” bags can also be composted at home as they are OK Compost HOME certified. These bags do come with tie handles making pick up and disposal easier for you.

It’s easier than ever to make a greener choice when it comes to choosing environmentally friendly dog waste bags. If you’re happy to spend a little more per bag (than the usual pet shop discount brands) you can help to avoid plastic waste sitting in landfill for years and years, and avoid the micro-plastics that are believed to be left behind from regular bags. Thank you for making green choices!