Best multi dog lead for professional dog walkers

When you’re walking multiple dogs at one time, especially if you’re having a ‘pack walk’ of 3 or more dogs, you’re most certainly going to need a multi-dog lead. This will make your walk so much easier and make the dogs more manageable.

There are various types of multi-dog leads on the market and they vary in price and quality. If group walks are something you do a lot of you may want to look at the higher end of the market, to ensure you’re investing in a sturdy and long lasting product.

You also may require different types and sizes of multi-dog leads depending on the size and breed of dogs you’re walking, so consider having a couple of alternatives on hand to suit the dogs you’re walking that particular day.

Here’s our picks for multi-dog leads currently on the market:

1. MEKEET Bungee Double Dog Coupler Lead

The Mekeet bungee double dog coupler lead is a popular choice for people wanting to walk 2 dogs at once. Made from a strong rubber band, this is a lead extender that clips to an existing handle.

This lead is on the lower end of the price range so it won’t cut in to your budget.

The lead has mostly positive reviews from satisifed walkers, with many people commenting that it doesn’t tangle and is strong enough for even the largest of dogs, though some people have commented that it is a little too heavy for walking very small dogs, Chihuahua’s for example.

It comes in 3 colours choices, red, blue or black, which is a nice bonus if you want to customise it for the branding of your company.

Verdict: a great budget friendly option

2. Hankyky Dog Double Leash Pet Multi Ways

This multi leash is a great option for dog walkers walking large groups of dogs, as it has the ability to attach up to 5 dogs on to one handle!

Made of high-end durable nylon, this lead can extend to 4ft and endure up to 100lbs dogs, and the 360° clasp design means no twisting and clashing as your dogs move from side to side.

Verdict: the best option for walking large groups of dogs

3. Barkswell Two Dog Lead – Double Dog Lead Splitter

This 2 dog lead from Barkswell is a premium quality, heavy duty double lead which should last longer than some of the lesser quality competitors, with its strong nylon straps. It also has reflective strips woven in to improve safety on walks at night or in those dark hours of the winter.

With mostly 5 star reviews, people are raving about this one! With comments on how it avoids tangles, to the comfortable padded handle, the additional traffic control handles and the ease at which you can walk to dogs of different sizes and strengths without any problems.

Verdict: a premium quality, heavy duty option for 2 dogs