HD8 Dog Walking & Pet Care

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  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Dog boarding at my property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

HD8 Dog Walking & Pet Care is a small local service owned and run by Emily and Louise who live in Skelmanthorpe.?Having spent a number of years working in local government Emily has chosen to opt out of the daily 9 – 5 grind and start working full-time with pets and their people in the local area, a passion both Emily and Louise share. 

Experienced in many areas of pet care, their main expertise and hobby is dog agility.  Between them they have competed 8 times in the agility finals at Crufts. Their dogs also enjoy running with them, whatever the weather!

Believing that every pet matters, Emily and Louise have fostered a number of dogs from rescue centres both in the UK and abroad (Cyprus and Romania). These rescue dogs were carefully integrated into their doggie family (Emily and Louise have a number themselves!) and treated and loved as one of their own for the whole time they stayed. In fact, one of them was loved so much they kept him!

It’s not just about the dogs!  Emily and Louise have always had pets in their lives, including cats, rabbits, ducks, fish, guinea pigs and a parrot! They currently have 3 rescue chickens who came from a battery farm. When they arrived they were in very poor condition and they have nurtured them to good health. One even lost her top beak and Emily and Louise have adjusted her diet so that she can still eat and live a happy life even when it was suggested that they put her to sleep!