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There’s many services now offering to look after your pets whilst you’re away so why choose me? Firstly I have experience, and with that experience comes dedication. I know that your dogs need walks and pets need looking after no matter what the weather outside. I’m not just a fair weather walker!! Along with my …

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Paws of Ludlow dog walking

Hello and welcome to Paws of Ludlow Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. Leading a busy life makes it hard to consistently provide the attention and care that pets can demand. Booking with Paws of Ludlow for help with the care of your beloved companions, from the big to the small, means this is now one …

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Happy Hounds

I established my business in 2003 and have since expanded. I now own 6.5 acres of land and have built a doggie play barn. I began with a degree with honours in Zoology but have since specialised in dog studies. I have taken courses in dog behaviour and am currently studying to become a dog …

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