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Welcome to Wag Walk Sleep. We are a husband and wife team, Paul and Yvonne, with the help of their daughter Amelia.

We are a private, family-owned business specialising in dog walking, pet sitting and house sitting. We are the proud owners of two dogs named Daisy and Fudge and a cat named Inca. We have been caring for pets all our lives including: Dogs (Champ, Kelly, Millie and now Daisy and Fudge), Cats (Suzy Q, Bluebell and now Inca), Guinea Pigs (Puff, Puff the 2nd and Squeak), Hamsters and Gerbils (to many to name), Rabbits (Snowy and Blackie), Various Small Birds including (Canaries, Finches, Quails, Parrots and Cockatils), Boa Constrictor (Sheldon) and lots of Fish (gold, tropical and pond)

Paul is a qualified Coppersmith and an IT consultant, in the late 00’s, he joined Yvonne working from home for The Craft Kit Company Limited. Before having Amelia, Yvonne ran her own digital media consultancy, in 2001 she set up The Beadwork Fairs and then The Craft Kit Company Limited in 2002. She still keeps her design hand in, doing freelance digital media consultancy work plus all the creative media and digital work for the businesses. Amelia has grown up with animals and has an amazing way with them, she has also just started her own business with Millie as Activitists, for childrens parties see for more information.

We love our pets and they bring joy and happiness to our lives. We know how important it is to keep your pets feeling loved and secure. No matter what your schedule, even if it’s unconventional, because we run our businesses from home in Brockham, we are flexible. When you do get home, your pets will be more relaxed and eager to see you. Paul loves walking and can often be found out and about Brockham and Betchworth with our two Labradoodles Daisy and Fudge.