Bea’s Pet Services

Dog walker in: Surrey |

  • One dog walks
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Bea’s Pet Services offers professional dog walking and pet sitting services, run and owned by Sammy.

Our dog walking services is aimed at small groups of no more than 4, which is ideal for your dog to have adequate socialization with others of their kind, without it being over bearing. This maximizes the individual time the dogs get to interact with their handler, as well as their environment playing find it games and using their noses to explore different scents.

We also offer individual walks, for those dogs who aren’t so confident around others or require that extra bit of attention.

Pet Visits/ Home visits are extremely popular with young and elderly dogs, small mammals and cats whilst owners are out during the day. Our pet visits for puppies and young dogs can be vital in supporting owners through house training and basic manners, while for the older dog some quiet toilet breaks and TLC to break up their day.

For small animals and cats, our pet visits provide them with company whilst owners are on holiday and involve cleaning out their litter trays/cages and providing fresh food and water. Even a little grooming to help keep prevent matts before their owners return.

Sammy has a wealth of experience working with pets and having her own animals, which have ranged from Giant African Land Snails, Hamster, Guinea Pigs, dogs and involved in loaning horses. She has also gained through her time at Capel Manor College, a First Diploma in Animal Care and Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. She has also attended a Tellington TTouch introductory day course and hopes to attend more in the future.