Paws for Glamour dog walks

Dog walker in: Suffolk |

  • One dog walks
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Hello, my name is Harriett I’m a local woman of Framlingham, and I have begun my dog walking and training business, after helping friends and family with there dogs on behaviour issues or just a joyful strol, they finally have told me to start up my training and walking business.
I have walked and trained dogs professionally for over 8 years , I understand body language and contact with them a great deal !
I own 4 dogs myself and one being a husky who dose walk and go off lead !
I have trained with professional dog walkers and whispers and fully insured
I adore my work and there is nothing better than having the day with my furry friends!
I have also set up a daycare centre in yoxsford, climbing frames and a pool are to be added, along with land for long and lovely walks !
please contact me and have a chat I look forward to hearing from you