Muttley’s Walk

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  • One dog walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Dog boarding at my property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Muttley’s Walk provide a one to one dog care service. Ideal if you live a busy lifestyle and have little time to take your pet out.


About me now. When I was seven years old, my first puppy was a Jack Russel Terrier. Loved to play with her, getting her to sit up lifting her front paws of the ground and beg. It came a bit of a pain at meal time, but we loved her. After that, I bought dog after dog. All my dogs were loyal to me, and never let me down, none aggressive. I’ve found that bringing dogs up the right way and training them can be a joyful experience. In my teenage years, I started taking an interest in dogs and training them to do the basic tricks of sitting, come, stay, the important commands to get your dog back when off a lead.


After working for 35 years I developed Osteoarthritis that stopped me working on my knees. Besides my second passion of going to the gym, I decided to work as a dog walker and dog carer. The days we are living in, I find that it can be dangerous to let your dog off a leash. If you’re not observant; your dog could be attacked by a dog that his not on a lead. So, times have changed.


Looking at the psychology of a dog its simple! They need to be loved, [and they sense this as well] that’s where the important bond comes in. Yes’ keeping your pet happy is a MUST. It’s their life and it’s their walk time. So, I always say – “The dog takes me for a walk rather than the other way around”. Important to me, to enjoy your quality time with your pet, and show them how much you love them; and loads of kisses and cuddles do not go a miss, believe me!