that Darn DOG!

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  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

I am your local, diverse dog trainer. I can help with a multitude of problems.

You can call me on 07985 131 222 for an impartial chat.

If your entitled to PDSA treatment or wanting help with a rescue dog you have not taken home yet, then you may be entitled to a discount.

It’s a dog’s life, well… not quite. Many are under pressure, trying to please or train their owners. Unfortunately they do not talk human and many owners do not even bother to understand dog. They are very much still in tune with their ancestors in the wild and communicate on that level. they say words with their body language and many go unnoticed by you. This is what my tactics are based on, a firm but fair method that involves no pain. Putting you first.

Dogs are very social animals and should mingle with their own kind regularly. This just doesn’t mean to play but to have respect and manners too. Even if your dog is friendly you should not allow it to run up to every dog in the park or jump up at people, it is rude.

If you are a good pack leader and your dogs respects your authority it will not do wrong unless you encourage it mistakenly. If your dog thinks it is pack leader it may choose to listen sometimes but not in others. If your dog humps, scuffs, attacks, hides in fear, howls for you while you are out, gets possessive over anything or barks regularly then you need help. Even if you don’t have problems, it is only fair your dog is a follower so it is not under unnecessary stress.

So do the dog a favour and stand up for the job of leadership, there’s plenty of posts going.

Not only have I rescued 2 of my 3 dogs deemed fit to be destroyed, I have taken in 2 foster dogs (one was 10 when i took him in) with aggression also and various strays and abandoned dogs needing a temporary home while the stray dog kennels or RSPCA pick them up. All mingling, not just with each other but with cats too, some never living with cats before. One dog in particular even being trained to kill them. With up to 6 dogs and 8 cats at a time there’s some snuggling going on too.

So please remember all dogs no matter what can be good and happy. It’s hard work but very rewarding and is an adaptable lifestyle.

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

Rehabilitate dogs deemed untrainable.

Training courses on how to prevent dog attacks and what to do under attack.

Changing the lives of dogs and owners.

Creating a happy and stressless life for all.

Giving the people the confidence their dogs can be “normal”.