Big Dog Adventures

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Hi, I’m Mark and I decided to create Big Dog Adventures so I could mix my love of the outdoors and hiking with my love for dogs.

Most dog walkers will simply just walk your dog for an hour and bring them home. What I offer is completely unique.

When we walk, we really walk! Adventures will last a minimum of 2.5hrs and cover approximately 12 kilometres – some days more!

Adventures always include a training initiative and I focus on improving your dogs recall and general obedience through a mixture of mental and physical stimulation. I encourage your dog to reach their breeds full capabilities through agility, swimming and scent games.

I currently work full-time within the NHS so at the moment, I can only offer lengthier hikes on my days off.

I also offer standard walks of 90 minutes because I believe that one hour walks just aren’t long enough to stimulate your dog, again with a training initiative. These can be offered most days depending on my rota.

If you want your dog to have the best walks, get in touch.

Find me on Instagram @big_dog_adventures to see the kind of things me and my clients get up to!