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  • Group walks


?? Group Walks (from £8): A group walk gives your pup the opportunity for exercise and socialization with other dogs. After our initial consultation I will match your dog to a group that is suitable, based on age, size, temperament etc. Groups will include no more than 4 dogs at a time. All group walks last an hour, not including pick up and drop off times. Please note: Un-neutered males, females who are in season and dogs who are unsociable or have nervous tendencies will not be accepted for these walks, please see ‘solo walks’ for a more suitable option.

?? Solo Walks (From £6): Solo walks are perfect for a nervous pooch, un-neutered males, females in season and dogs recovering from injuries. These walks can last from 30 minutes to an hour long (not including pick up and drop off times).

?? Puppy Walks (From £3.50): Fully vaccinated puppies (under a year old) can benefit from the specialist puppy walks. These walks can last from 15 to 30 minutes, this gives your dog the opportunity to experience new smells and sights, as well as stretch their legs. Once your puppy reaches a year old they can then move on to ‘group’ or ‘solo’ walks.

?? Senior Walks (From £3.50): If your dog is over 10 years old then the senior walks may be perfect for. These walks are much slower paced and last from 15 to 30 minutes, giving your pooch the opportunity to keep their joints moving and also reduce risk of obesity in old age.