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All About Dogs, Renfrew offers a home based comprehensive and professional service to all our clients. Dog walking is carried out in Renfrew and as I only work in a small area, I am able to offer my dog walking clients a more personal, professional and responsible service.

Transport time between home and park is no more than 15 minutes, ensuring your dog suffers minimal stress whilst travelling. All dogs are transported securely to our local parks.

I offer a one hour or half hour dog walk as for puppies and older dogs, one hour can be too long. I focus my dog walks on encouraging dogs to socialise with each other and as an assistant dog trainer, am able to fully support dogs who may struggle with this to start. Individual walks can of course be arranged if you prefer this for your dog.

Our doggy daycare service allows you to drop your dog off with us in the morning. All day care dogs will have a morning walk/play session at our local park and then head home for a rest and more playtime. An enclosed garden is available at all times. New puppies will be fully supported as they lean the basics of dog socialisation and toilet training and at no time will any dog be left alone or unsupervised. Full day boarders will also have a mid afternoon walk.

Our grooming service is also based at our home. Your dog will be individually groomed ensuring minimal stress on your pet.

Both Aunt Lou and Uncle Ian hold canine first aid certificates, and are assistant dog trainers. Aunt Lou has also recently set up a professional dog walkers network and is currently encouraging other professional dog walkers to adopt a code of practice to ensure all dogs are walked safely and securely. We are also in talks with our local council to try and bring a registration scheme into Renfrewshire for Professional Dog Walkers.