Walking Miss Daisy

Dog walker in: North Yorkshire |

  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Dog boarding at my property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Walking Miss Daisy was launched at the beginning of June 2012, by Sophie Wainwright and Martin Pinfold. Our first couple of weeks, setting up the business, has been brilliant. Delivering leaflets to several thousand houses in York and the surrounding villages has been hard work but extremely enjoyable, resulting in us going out to meet our first customers and their animals to do assessments. We’ve already had a couple of dogs boarding at home with us, and we’ve begun some regular dog walks. We’ve also taken bookings to do some Cat Home Visits, at homes all over the city, and beyond, for the coming summer months.

We decided to start our own Pet Care Business after many years working in industries which, though they enabled us to meet some lovely friends and colleagues, weren’t ultimately rewarding. We wanted to spend our days working together and also doing something we love.

We are genuinely passionate about animals and understand how precious pets are to their owners. We currently own a beautiful, very soppy Goldendoodle named Daisy who we drove a long way across the country to collect from a breeder, when she was just a tiny puppy. A major inspiration for starting the business, Daisy is such an important part of our lives, deserving of absolutely the best care and all the loving attention we can give her – and we know that the same applies to all pets. Only the very best will do and it is a matter of both pride and pleasure that we will work to this standard, always.

Walking Miss Daisy offers a comprehensive range of services. We want to do things a little differently to others before us and add a little creativity into the mix. Our business is bespoke, designed to be flexible so that we can tailor it to each customer’s preferences. We will go out of our way to provide quality of care, with the relationship between us, our customers, and their pets, being paramount. Small extras and personal touches will be integral to the way we work, and we would never put a price on this.

For example, we won’t charge you more to walk a dog individually, to feed your pet, to attend to them earlier or later than the usual working hours, or if greeting and cuddling them happens to take ten minutes instead of two. Each dog walked will have a tag fitted onto their collar with our contact details on so that in the very unlikely event of a dog escaping, this will assist its safe return. Our van will carry fresh water so that rather than wait until the dog gets home, it will be refreshed immediately after the walk finishes.

To reflect that incredibly deep bond between you and your pet, we offer more than the standard services. Walking Miss Daisy is based on giving every-day, invaluable care, but we also want to meet that desire to give them an indulgent treat once in a while and to offer something extra-special. These additional services include weekend walks for your animal and an ‘indulgence day’ package, which gives you time to do other things and us the chance to spoil him or her.

We can also arrange for your dog to be groomed (either after their walk or as a separate trip) and if you would like to see a favourite photo of your pet transformed into an original piece of art for you to treasure, please clink onto the gallery link to read about our Pet Portrait service and to see some samples.