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Dog Walking and Behaviour Service in Edinburgh. Promoting a calm and balanced state of mind for our canine companions using only positive methods.

A tired dog is a happy dog and not only do dogs need physical exercise but they need mental stimulation. Promoting a calm and balanced state of mind in our canine companions by using only positive reinforcement. Teaching owners how to understand their canines and the importance of understanding their body language and how they communicate with us.

About me:
For as long as I remember, I have always had a great love for dogs. I got my first dog Kia at 17 years old and then Brandy a year later. They were not just my dogs but my family.

I got involved in working in rescue a few years ago and then went on to become a trustee for a UK charity that helps dogs in Eastern Europe. I decided that I wanted to help dogs in the UK and so I founded my own rescue, Any Dog’il Do. The rescue was established in October 2011 and has grown at an overwhelming rate.

Part of my job in the rescue is to assess dogs and work with them on any behaviour issues they may have. Many dogs come into the rescue because they have not been socialised properly or given any boundaries as pups and then as adult dogs are difficult to handle.

At Positive K9’s my job will be to help owners have an understanding of how canines communicate with us. I believe that the more people who have a better understanding of their dogs the easier it will be to teach their dogs how to behave in certain situations and hopefully preventing more dogs ending up as unwanted pets.