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Our highly enthusiastic staff here at Pet-icular will walk, play & love your dog when you can’t. Whether your dog has too much energy, you work long hours and can’t manage to get back for daily routine walks or simply to tired our friendly experienced staff are here to help.

Dogs require regular structured walks in order to keep them balanced and in one with nature. Behavioural problems such as barking, chewing, digging etc are caused 99% of the time from boredom, lack of exercise and isolation. Here at Pet-icular we understand that each and every dog is an individual and our staff will take their time to understand both of your needs and requirements for a fulfilling all round experience. Dogs need physical and mental stimulation and understanding the individual needs of each dog and keeping them stimulated will improve not only the dogs life but the owners as well. It will enhance the relationship between both dog and owner.

Pet-icular is a small, friendly and secure company that have only the dogs welfare and safety at heart. All walks would be undertaken on a one to one basis unless stated otherwise by the owners. They will not be transferred to the park via car or van. All walks will start from the moment we leave your house for maximum satisfaction and exercise. Once we reach the park we will not only have a stroll in the park, we will play with your dog, run and if requested we also offer a skating service for the dogs with extra stamina and require a more intense exercise session. We aim to grow a bond between both owner and dog to ensure that the time spent with us is completely satisfying for you and your dogs. We will also dedicate a member of staff to your dog so he/she can gain their trust and feel relaxed.

All our staff at Pet-icular have been CBR checked and all share the same passion……Dogs.

So contact Pet-icular today and book your free professional consultation and begin transforming yours and your dogs life.

Our staff at Pet-icular are not just simply a dog walker, we are a friend to you and your dog.