Our listings contain lots of links to dog walkers in the UK, but here’s some other links you might find interesting…

Dog Rescue Website Links – raising awareness of stray dog euthanisation in the UK – an informational site about the overbreeding and euthanisation of Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK – a campaigning and fundraising organisation helping the UK’s overbred and abused Staffordshire Bull Terriers – want to become a volunteer dog fosterer? Sign up now and find out more about how you can help UK animal rescues by fostering dogs. – taking action for staffies, rescuers and volunteers working together. Also advertising Staffy events and Staffies needing homes. – volunteers and animal rescues working together to help more animals. Volunteers helping rescues with animal fostering & transporting plus homechecking, fundraising and more.

If you’d like to volunteer with animals why not sign up now, it’s completely free!

Other Doggy links around the web – pet website templates – animal related HTML website templates and WordPress themes for pet businesses such as dog walkers, pet groomers, pet sitters and animal rescues

Dog Club – Internet Dog Directory

Animal Shopper – An internet shopping centre dedicated to all things animals!

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