Carl’s Dog Walking & Pet Services

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  • One dog walks
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  • Dog sitting at owners property
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  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Carl’s Dog Walking & Pet Services

Having spent the last 11 years working in retail, door to door sales, fish factories, amusement arcades, I felt the career path I was currently on was not going to give me the happy stress free life that I had dreamt of. These meaningful thoughts meant it was time for me to follow a different career path?.

Dogs have been a part of my life ever since I was a child. Over the past 20 years my family and I have owned many –? German Shepherd, Labrador, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier x, Staffordshire Bull Terrier x, Dalmatian, Doberman. I remember walking all of the above with family members and alone as I got older.

I have rescued some dogs from rescue kennels over the years I have had dogs and the last time I visited the kennels it reduced me to tears as sadly there was so many of them there on death row. If they couldn’t find forever loving homes within a matter of days they would have been put to sleep, I am so grateful I managed to rescue 2 dogs from the kennels as they weren’t all that nice at all and definitely not a place a dog should have to be.

I now own a Stafforshire Bull Terrier called Harley and he is 8 and half months old. He is a brilliant dog and very relaxed with my little girl and other dogs. Harley has given me so much pleasure and helped me to keep fit while out walking with him.

Setting up my own dog walking business has given me a positive frame of mind and I can finally start to enjoy life again, rather than being unhappy in life and not enjoying where I was working.

I have a great personality and a great deal of passion and love for dogs.