Oh My Paws

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  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property

Welcome to Oh My Paws ran by a dog loving individual. Providing a professional, friendly and reliable dog walking and pet sitting service across Glasgow.

Pup Preparation
To let your dog become acquainted and comfortable with me on a quiet short walk prior to joining their soon to be friends in the Kanine Walk Club while still getting out to explore and exercise once in the morning and afternoons
2 X 15 minute walks £10

Kanine Walk Club
Dogs are walked in a maximum group of four in a variety of walks to keep dogs stimulated. All dogs come back watered, towel dried paws cleaned and fed if required after their adventures.
1 hour walk £10
(Monday- Friday £45)
2 hour group walk morning and afternoon £15
(Monday- Friday £65)

Basic Puppy Training
Walking to heel and basic commands
Included in walking time on an individual basis. We can work together for a training method that you are happy with for your puppy that you can be consistent with at home
£15 1 hour walk and training
(Monday – Friday £60)
£20 1 1/2 hour walk and training
(Monday – Friday £80)

Doggy Day Care
If you would rather your dog was out of the house having fun while you are busy or at work or need help tiring out an energetic dog with a walk in the morning and afternoon
Half day including 1 hour group walk £15
(Monday- Friday £60)
Full day including two hour walk £25
(Monday -Friday £100)

Puppy/dog Visits
Leaving a new puppy at home is an extremely worrying thing. Whether it’s in case your puppy might decide to make their own entertainment in your home or become anxious home alone. A twenty minute puppy visit can break up the little pups day and put your mind at ease with a reassuring photo or text. This service also includes water and puppy pad change, food if required and of course play time.
When you are busy and need to be out of the house for a while and you worry about your pooch being left alone Dog visits include fed, watered, play time and a toilet break
20 minutes £8
(Monday – Friday £30)
2 X 20 minutes morning and afternoon £14
(Monday – Friday £50)

Picture updates on your dogs daily adventures can be supplied
Other services and packages can be discussed to suit you and your dogs needs