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Our dogs are like our children, and handing them over to a complete stranger is a scary prospect. At The Dog Hour I treat all dogs as if they were my own. Their safety and happiness is paramount and something I never ever compromise on.
You can rest assured I will take the very best of care of your loved ones.
?But don’t take my word for it, arrange an introduction and let your doggies decide.

After years spent working with rescue dogs, I am very aware of how uncomfortable some dogs are around other dogs and strangers. For this reason I decided to set up The Dog Hour; a service dedicated primarily to those dogs who don’t like meeting other dogs and don’t want to say hello to people in the park.

However, if your dog is sociable and friendly and would like to make friends then that’s fine too. If you would like to let your dog meet other dogs in the park but are uncomfortable about doing so, then I would be happy to help. I can teach you how to read a dog’s body language and about how to introduce a dog to another dog.
If you are interested in this service or have a specific request, and would like a chat, then please get in touch. I am happy to meet with you and your dog at a location of your choosing. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Standard services offered:

??For the dog who prefers to be alone. All walks will be in low dog populated areas, on a bespoke route designed for your dog. Where possible and appropriate, dogs are walked on long lines and off road, unless otherwise requested. Walks last 1 hour, not including transfer time.

??All dogs must be sociable with other dogs and non-reactive towards people, they should also be able to travel with other dogs. Dogs are walked on short leads and walking times will last approximately 1 hour, not including transfer time.

??Prefer your dog to stay at home? that’s fine. Toy play in the garden or cuddles indoors, you choose . Essential oils can be offered to help with anxious dogs for no extra charge. All sessions last one hour.

??Need someone to pop in and feed your animals? no problem. Kongs can be prepared or other food toys used if requested. Pet feeding sessions last 30 mins and include cuddles, if required.

??Need help taking your dog to the vets or groomers? Whether it’s for behavioural reasons or simpy a lack of time, contact me for help.

??Basic behavioural and enrichment advice, learnt and practised over years of working with rescue dogs. For more serious or complicated behaviours, a behaviourist should be contacted.

Dogs are collected and transported in a secure and air-conditioned vehicle. After walks, water bowls are refreshed , healthy treats are given, and if dogs are wet, are towel dried. Cuddles are available free of charge, if required!
?Currently, the areas covered are those around North Kent ,but we may be able to travel further afield so please contact me.

This is designed to be a bespoke service, so please discuss any requirements you have.?

?Initial consultations are free of any charge.
Please note that, for extremely nervous or reactive dogs ,multiple introductions with the owner present may be necessary.