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My name is Kate Fisher and I am a nature and animal lover, I always have been. I am a keen walker and hiker and thought what better way to use that interest than to help people out with a professional dog walking service. Available in Sheppey. I also offer visits for pets that are at home and need feeding and letting out when the owners have got caught up. Please see my services section for more information on these. I wanted to create a service that is affordable and for people that are claiming pension or have recently returned from hospital I am willing to offer a concession price.

£8.50 an hour for walks
£5 for pet visits (coming to your house to let your pet out and/or feed them when you are busy)
£8.00 an hour for puppy socialising (taking them out with other dogs on a walk and put in a puppy sling when they are tired)

I have been self studying dog behaviour for many years now and am currently doing a course in Dog Behaviour. I have a full DBS disclosure (police check). References are available on request.

I was blessed with a family that also liked animals and grew up with cats and dogs (we also had guinea pigs at one point). Dogs especially touch my heart as they have such an amazing way of supporting their families and I love their generally therapeutic nature; The way that you feel comforted when feeling sad when your dog approaches and gives you those eyes and their paw, the way they become excited when you are happy, and who can deny that wonderful feeling that you get when you are greeted by a dog that is so happy to see you (even if you just nipped to the garage to get something). They are special creatures and therefore should be treated with the love and respect they give us, so I endeavour to treat the animals well as I would want another person to if I left my family member with them. I love walking in nature and who better to do that with than a happy creature like a dog. I have travelled to many places in the world and have seen the different mentalities of dogs and helped some families in these deprived areas to learn how to treat animals in a more loving way rather than just things they own. This created more happy and loving environments for the whole families. It just takes a little time to create a happier companion, if you do not have that time then I can help by giving them a walk or visiting your home to let them out and feed them. I am not able to have dogs stay at my home as I live in shared house, however I am happy to pet sit and pet visit as well as dog walk. Thank you.