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I can’t remember a time when I haven’t had a dog in my life, from Kirsty the Golden Lab when I was 6 through to Diesel & Zapp my present crazy Springers, I’ve always been my happiest when around dogs. Having worked in a high pressure industry as a Chef for 35 years, the wet nose and wagging tail of the family dog has always been a source of calmness at the end of a particularly bad day, so it seemed only natural that when considering a career change, walking dogs seemed the perfect thing

A self-confessed Doctor Who geek, into sci-fi and fantasy, and a retired Scout leader. I prefer to be outdoors, especially with Diesel & Zapp, no matter the weather.

Family is important to me and that includes dogs. I refer to my spaniels as ‘the boys’ and treat them as such, much to both the annoyance and amusement of my actual sons. I know that you also consider your four-legged friend as part of your family, and I would look after them as if they were part of mine.