Gosport Dog Walking

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  • One dog walks
  • Group walks

Free, no obligation consultation
Fully insured
Dog 1st aid trained
DBS checked
Dog obedience and behaviour trained
Rates from £8 per walk
Whatever type of walk you require for your best friend, Gosport Dog Walking can help. Daily or occasional, short or long term, short walks for older dogs, longer walks as part of a group, or solo walks if your pooch is a little, ahem, unruly. I like to include some basic training elements in my walks – recall, sit, stay, down, leave, etc – to exercise their minds as well, which they all enjoy and helps strengthen the bond too. The one thing I guarantee is as much fun, exercise and stimulation as they want or need.
I have helped several people who have found their dogs a little difficult to control on a walk. A few short sessions is usually enough to get everyone pulling (or not!) in the same direction. Free advice on obedience training or other behaviour issues that may be concerning you is also available. Because if they concern you, then they concern your dog too and it really is all about the dog.