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Hi, My name is Sam, I’m 21 years old and from Barry, The Vale of Glamorgan. I live in a 3 bedroomed house with my Girlfriend Lauren and my 2 dogs Tillie & Dexter, Tillie is a 2 year old Jack Russell & Dexter is a 3 month old Patterdale Terrier. They both love the company of other dogs and love to chase each other around the house all day!

I offer dog walking, dog sitting and dog boarding services. I’m currently studying an open university course, so I am home all day. Any dog that stays with us will be welcomed and given constant love and attention, I have grown up around dogs and I’m a huge dog lover. I walk Tillie twice a day, morning and early evening for around 45-60 mins each walk, Dexter is still on shorter walks at the moment.

I can walk your dog as frequently as you would like at one of the many parks and beaches I have nearby. I benefit from having a car and can pick up and drop your dog off, it also means I am able to drive to a variety of nice walks. When not out walking, your dog will spend most of their time in the downstairs of my home, with me, Tillie & Dexter.

The house is spacious with more than enough room to run around and play. The back door is left open most of the day so they are free to run in and out. They will have a cosy bed for when they are tired, plenty of toys to play with and around the clock supervision. Any instructions you wish to leave me will be followed to the letter, I will do anything I can to make your dogs home away from home as comfortable as possible for them.

If your dog is staying overnight they will sleep downstairs with Tillie and Dexter in a comfortable bed. If you would like your dog to sleep on their own, please let me know and I will accommodate this. I will feed them following your instructions and walk them with my dogs every day, unless instructed otherwise.

If you want to be able to leave your dogs without any worry, and know that they are in a caring environment with somebody who will treat them like one of their own, please get in touch.