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Dog walker in: Glamorgan |

  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Dog boarding at my property

I offer a dog walking service in Swansea and surrounding areas. I’m committed to keeping your dog safe and entertained. I have a dog who became reactive to other dogs at 7 months, which caused me to do a lot of research into canine behaviour. I thought I’d put my experience and knowledge to good use and started a dog walking business and I’m working towards becoming IMDT (Institue of Modern Dog Trainers) accredited.

Workshops that I have attended:
School of Canine Science – Teach Your Dog (from the trainers from the ITV program)
Craig Oglvie – Interactive Play Workshop
Grisha Stewart – Behavioural Adjustment Technique Teamwork Seminar
Insitute of Modern Dog Trainers – Career As A Dog Trainer
Insitute of Modern Dog Trainers – Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation
Insitute of Modern Dog Trainers – Canine Body Language
My Top Dogs – Who’s afraid of the bark?
My Top Dogs – How to speak dog
Scentwork Wales – Introduction to Scentwork
Animal Events UK – Interactive Canine Behaviour and Training Clinic for Fear Based Behaviour and Aggression
Canine Gems – Why So Reactive?
Action Petz – TTouch Workshop
Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Foundations
Mike Hall & Chris Murray – Working my Welsh sheepdog