Twinkle Tails

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  • One dog walks

I have years of experience with my own dogs so am able to understand and provide the care, love and attention each character needs, whether that is walking, visiting, feeding or providing company during the day.

I always look after each dog as if he or she were my own and understand that each dog is part of a family.

I do let dogs off the lead with the owner’s written consent. All of my dogs are walked close to their homes in parks, woodlands, fields and other safe, varied routes.

I send pictures to my client’s owners by either text or email when I arrive and when I leave. And the owners can also of course contact me at any time. If any of my dogs were to become unwell in my care, I would take them immediately to their own vet, or in an emergency to the nearest vet.

When not being used, House Keys are stored in a locked cabinet. Each key is labeled with each dog’s name only. This makes it impossible for keys to be matched to any house or any owner.