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Just like humans, a dog’s mind must be kept active to be healthy and happy. Regular daytime activity provides mental stimulation. Along with the emotional benefits, there are the undeniable physical benefits. Even aging pets should be kept as agile and fit as possible – but they may not be inclined to exercise without encouragement.

Dog walking is the perfect solution for busy professionals who are worried about leaving their dog at home for lengthy periods of time, or that want a dog but are worried about leaving them alone all day. This service is perfect for people on the go and commuters. Never worry about leaving your dog again or when you are late from the office!

It is also very beneficial for dogs with separation anxiety, destructive dogs, young puppies, older dogs, and overweight dogs that may need a bit of “extra exercise”.

North East London dog walking and training service

We offer individual and group dog walks as well as train as you walk service. In any case, your best friend will be picked-up from your home and returned, happy and quite possibly exhausted.

Individual dog walks
For dogs that need to be walked alone or only with another dog from the same household.

£17 per hour walk
£8 per hour walk for subsequent dogs from the same household

Group dog walking
For dogs that can be walked in a group of dogs it has not previously met. No more than three dogs are walked together at any one time. All dogs are assessed prior to joining the group to ensure that the group dynamics are beneficial to all members.

£10 per hour walk
£8 per hour walk for subsequent dogs from same household

Training during the dog walk
This service provides owners with a chance to have their dogs walked and trained at the same time. We will take time to discuss any specific training needs and form a tailored training plan is outlined specifically to the owner’s wishes.

£22 per hour walk/training

How many times will we walk your dog?

You decide. If you’d like your dog walked in a regular group, with the same dogs each day, the minimum will be three times a week. If you only require walks every once in a while, that’s fine too.

Where will your dog be walked?

It depends to a degree on the area you live in, of course. But we like to vary the locations to give them the opportunity of exploration and change. Dogs can go on leash or off leash depending on your wishes and the dogs’ recall levels. We’ll take into consideration various factors,such as traffic, weather, park conditions and which other dogs may be ?at a given place at a certain time.

How long does a group dog walk last?

A walk lasts approximately an hour and this time doesn’t include pick up and drop off time.