Sarah’s Pet Services

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  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Dog boarding at my property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

For end to end pet services including:

Pet sitting
Dog Walking
Small animal boarding
Coop chickens & collect eggs
Puppy socializing visits
All animals catered for.

Sarah’s Pet Services is here to make your pets my priority. When booking holidays or days out I’ve always worried about my dog. Many times cutting my trip short to make sure he is ok.

Now you don’t have that worry. I am here to help. Sarah’s Pet Services will check on your pets while you’re at work and keep your beloved dog, cat, rabbit etc. at home, calm and content while you’re on holiday. You could even give them a home from home holiday with me.

I will walk your dog for you if you both have to go out to work or if you are going out for the day and can’t take him with you.

If you are going away and hate the thought of your dog/cat in kennels then let me look after him by visiting him at your home keeping to the same feed and exercise routine.