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Here at Day Care 4 Paws – Dog Day Care Centre we specialise in the care of your dog while you’re out at work or when you just need to go out for the day. We provide physical and mental stimulation for your dog enabling them to play and rest throughout the day to suit their own needs.

We provide a safe, fully enclosed area to enable your dog to enjoy his or her time with us, whether it be a frequent visit or just a one off. Day Care 4 Paws is also a perfect way for your dogs to socialise with other dogs which can often be difficult during our busy lives when people are dashing about making sure their dog has done its business while out on a walk but not necessarily giving them time to explore, sniff, scratch and play around with one another.

This can eventually lead to a stressed dog who no longer enjoys their walkies. This also makes Day Care 4 Paws an ideal place to bring your new puppy, even if it is just two or three times a week – you’ll have one very well socialised and extremely well rounded and very happy puppy!

Equally, once you pick your dog up from the Centre, the first thing they want to do is curl up for a snooze when you get home rather than leaping all over you demanding you take them out for a walk immediately! So it is very much a win-win situation and one which we feel you will be very happy with!

What happens at Day Care 4 Paws?
Imagine your dog or puppy playing around with toys and other pooches all day, digging in sand pits, sploshing around in paddling pools (in the summer months), ball pools, frisbees, having a go at basic agility, catching bacon flavoured bubbles floating through the air…..

This is just SOME of what goes on at Day Care 4 Paws!

All from as little as the equivalent of just £7 – cheaper than a dog walker for MUCH more for your money!

Also offering:
Grooming | Training | Microchipping

The Team:
Owned and managed by Sarah Liddell, Day Care 4 Paws is ran by a team of highly experienced and well qualified people. Sarah herself has recently finished working for the RSPCA and has over ten years worth of experience working with all manner of dogs (and other animals) in both boarding kennel and rescue kennel establishments.

A qualified Dog Behaviourist/Trainer and Groomer and also qualified in Animal First Aid and Microchip Implanter, she is the perfect person to trust with your beloved dog or puppy.