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  • One dog walks
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Petcare is one of my favourite business assignments simply because I have been surrounded by many different pets from being a small child; brought up in Suffolk on a Smallholding which is a agricultural setting less than 50 acres of land more would be classed as a farm.

With my parents I looked after Dogs mostly Great Danes and Boxers however we did have other breeds such as Basset Hounds, Terriers and a Labrador which I adopted from the RSPCA while working away from home in farming. All our dogs were through Dog Trusts, or Police Rescues and some from connections my Mother had with breeders whom would ask her to give a home to a dog which due to various circumstances had lost its home. They all lived to a good age and thrived on unconditional love as it should be.

Living in the City and suburbia is fine but I really miss the life I once had with Dogs, Cats, and a whole host of other animals including a small herd of pedigree Goats.

As part of my micro Home Help Business I offer a bespoke petcare service backed by over forty years experience.

First meetings are totally free without obligation on either side.

Competitive Prices

Open 7 Days a week really good for clients who are away often at the weekends, if you wish there are a whole load of other complimentary jobs I can do as well as taking care of your pets.

DBS Checks on the online update Service. For both Children and Adults Fully Enhanced Checks

Volunteer Dog Walker for a Local Charity with Just For Dogs at Brailsford.

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