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  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)


Exercise is essential to keep your dog healthy and also mentally and physically stimulated. Exercise not only improves your dog’s well being, but also helps build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural problems such as barking, chewing, digging, etc

But are you able to give your dog enough exercise?

Natasha and Emma can help you with our wide range of dog services. We are trustworthy, reliable, friendly and caring dogs walkers.

o Walks are available 7 days a week including bank holidays.

o No dog is too big, too small, too old or too young.

o Safe walks in the countryside on/off the lead (with the owner authorisation). Your dog could enjoy running, exploring, playing and socialising.

o Walk locations are free from traffic and allow your dog to enjoy the great Cornish outdoors at it’s best.

o Walks take place in all weather conditions, but not if it’s unsafe.

o Walks last an hour and do not include the drive to and back from location.

o A maximum of 4 dogs per dog walker in order to be fully in control so the dogs can interact with us and have fun.

o After the walk, your dog will be given a drink and towel dried off
including muddy paws!

o “Active dogs” : on/off the lead for an hour running along side us, whilst we ride our Bikes (weekly).

We offer :

o Regular dog walking

o Occasional dog walking

Our dog walking services whether regular or occasional is ideal, if you work all day, have a business meeting, need to go shopping or just have other commitments that mean you have to leave your dog at home.

If you have a regular dog walking services in place you must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or you will be charged in full. Occasional bookings of any description, including dog walking, will be subject to the normal cancellation charges.

Obviously, each dog walker carries a first aid kit with them at all times, in order to be able to administer basic first aid until your pet can meet a vet.

We cannot accept any aggressive dogs, either towards other animals or people, if that is the case your contact will be terminated immediately. There will be a trial hour walking for uncastrated males over the age of 9 months and bitches in season (whom will be kept on the lead at all times)


While you are away, your pets can be looked after in their own home and enjoy the comfort of familiar sights, sounds and smells. Our services provide a real alternative to boarding your pets at a kennel or a cattery, or imposing upon friends, neighbours and family. Cats in particular are known to be least stressed
in their own surroundings. They also won’t have that long and stressful journey to the cattery.

We can feed cats, fishes, rabbits, caged birds, guinea pigs, tortoises and other small pets whilst visiting. A small extra charge will be required for multi household pets.

Natasha and Emma Pet Services Visits are the ideal way of  ensuring your pets are cared for whilst you are on holiday or working long hours. Two visits per day are recommended.

What’s included:

o A free introductory visit.

o Feeding & fresh water.

o Clean litter trays/clean bedding.

o 20 minutes of playtime/cuddles.

o Household duties – open/close curtains, collect post, water plants, empty bins. Your home will generally have that “lived-in” look during your absence, which provides your home the bonus of heightened security and protection while you are away.

o Administer tablets if under treatment.

We will follow your instructions regarding feeding requirements or special diets of your pets, and you will need to provide the food. In case of emergency we will be happy to provide the food at cost.

Whether your pets need just one visit a day or you need to use the full range of our services while you are away, our goals are your pet’s care, safety, well being and, of course, your peace of mind.

If you are away for a long period of time we can e-mail you with updates and pictures of your pet activities to give you total peace of mind that your pet is happily settled and content.


We offer affordable live-in pet sitters whose care will enable you to take holidays and business trips without taking risks or worrying about your home and pets. Our friendly, personal service is easy to use and, we believe, more effective than the best alarm or the kindest neighbour. We provide a range of services from:

• Picking up mail and newspapers

• Feeding, grooming and walking pets

• Watering House Plants

• General house work like dusting and vacuuming

• Arranging emergency repairs like burst water pipes

• Opening and closing blinds and curtains to make the house look occupied

• Turning over the engine of a car

We can house sit from overnight, one or two weeks to several months.

It is important to us that your house, pets and garden are looked after according to your specific instructions.

Our basic daily rate is £25 but tariffs vary according to how many animals you have and their requirements and your location, so we prefer to give you an accurate quotation.

The cost of our pet sitting and house sitting services are very competitive when compared to kennels (2 dogs sharing a kennel suite per day cost £25) and catteries (1 cat £7 per day).


Our daily visits at your home can help with house training, as proper toilet training requires a constant routine of breaks for your puppy. This can also help with any separation anxiety and boredom that your puppy can feel while you are absent.

We will feed your puppy, give him a drink and help to clean up any mess!

“Preventing accidents indoors is the most challenging part of housetraining your puppy. To avoid this, you need to constantly supervise your puppy. When you are not able to directly supervise your puppy, confine him to a small, safe area. This can be a room or a crate. Always take him outside to eliminate just before you confine him. You may want to use a wire or plastic crate to confine your puppy when you can’t directly supervise him.

If you are leaving your puppy home alone every day for long periods, you may want to consider hiring a dog walker so there are no unexpected accidents. Teaching a puppy to eliminate on papers or puppy pads gives your puppy an extra confusing step. Successful house training requires frequent outdoor bathroom breaks. Figure an hour for each month of age and add an additional hour to the total to determine the frequency of potty breaks your puppy needs. For example, an 8-week-old puppy can stay in the crate for three hours. The most amount of time any dog should spend in a crate is 8 hours.

Help your puppy become comfortable in his confinement area by having toys and treats in the area, playing with him in this area, or simply being in the room with him while he rests” from

This service is also available for elderly or infirm dogs.

When your puppy has had its full vaccination, making use of our day care or dog walking services are perfect ways in which to socialise and housetrain your puppy and get it used to the big wide world!


Sometimes you need more time for yourself and your dog could get bored and lonely. Combined with an hour walking it could help to relieve the pent up energy and boredom that can lead to your pet becoming destructive and depressed when they are left in the house on their own.

You can drop your dog at our premises for a minimum of an hour and a maximum of 3 hours in the afternoon. Your dog will have a great time playing and socialising with friends and getting lots of attention and fun. Your dog will be given tender loving care and be treated just as if they were a member of our family! Our premises are located ½ mile from Truro City centre and 2 miles from Treslike hospital.

All dogs must be fully sociable and trained to a reasonable standard. We do not take non castrated males over the age of 9 months and bitches in season in our dog day care.


For those routine visits, such as annual boosters, why go to the trouble of arranging time off work to take your pets to the vets, groomers or elsewhere when we are here to help!

If you are not mobile for any reason, we can collect your pet, transport him or her safely, securely and comfortably, wait at the vets while they are seen, look after them and reassure them at all time, and then return them home to you, safe and sound.

Alternatively we can collect them on their discharge from the vets if they have to stay overnight.

If you cannot see a service package that meets your requirements, please contact us to arrange a service and schedule that meets with both yours and your pet’s needs.