Laura Wag Tails

Dog walker in: Cheshire | , , , , , ,

  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Dog sitting at owners property
  • Dog boarding at my property

I am a friendly dog lover with experience and offer anything from 30 minute walks to 3 hour walks depending on individual needs. I am very flexible, careful, safe and always happy to incorporate games or reward training whilst working so your dog gets the most from their walk.

I am very cautious and will follow strict instructions with any dogs that have an extra big character when walking and require a lead to remain attached at all times! I always use a whistle and carry plenty of treats when walking just incase.

I am also able to dog sit or check on dogs during the day. Based in Alderly edge I like to make the most of the country side so your dogs will too!

I am able to safely collect dogs safely from surrounding areas to Alderly edge via land rover and always provide a post walk watering and if requested am able to feed too.

I have a papillon/ chihuahua mix whom I walk daily for an hour and a half and I am used to walking up to 4 hours per day with my parents 2 new found lands when I visit in the midlands which I have done since a child. I am confident in walking dogs of all shapes, sizes and engery.

Please email if you would like more information about me or would like to meet me.