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Pets Great and Small wants dogs and owners to build fantastic relationships that will last a lifetime, whether the plan is to enter into Dog sports or as a precious member of your family, we can help you with dog training advice and dog walking services.

We are certified by Puppy School as Instructors and we are building a Puppy Practise in Reading, Newbury and Wantage area. We also support Puppy Schools in the Reading and Basingstoke area supporting our partner Companies including Pets in Practise.

We have trained Horses, Dogs as well as small animals such as Guinea Pigs. We are a safe pair of hands for you and your dog. Over 25 years hands on experience with animals both as pets and professionally.

We ensure our skills are kept up to date by regularly attending workshops and seminars to ensure we understand the latest science behind Force Free training.

Based in Spencers Wood, Reading we will travel for clients in the Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire area offering Dog Training Advice, Dog Walking Services – Contact us today for a conversation by completing the form below or calling 07850396356