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  • One dog walks
  • Group walks
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

Thanks for enquiring; here is a bit about me/us to set you at ease before ‘unleashing’ your furpet with Pawtastic.

I have a background in sales…. Yep BORING!!! Had a few kids… Wow FOUR of them, had a FEW dogs over the years, I LOVE Dogs and elephants and they are a bit tricky to walk. Walking other people’s dogs all started to help a friend in need and earn a bit of extra cash after having to leave my job… God damn it childcare is expensive.

So from reading that you probably are still thinking WHY TRUST ME?… When I say I have a background in sales, this is where my love of dogs really began to take hold. I began my sales journey working for a company that produced, manufactured and sold herbal veterinary medicines for cats and dogs, this job opportunity took me to Crufts and various others dog shows and allowed me to meet and familiarise myself with all sorts of dogs and breeds.

Today, we live in a world that is busy, we all seem busier than ever working 9-5 and more, a lot of us juggling work and children AND a few FURPETS in to the mix and our diaries are overloaded! Its hard going… so Pawtastic are here to help you get some balance back in to your busy weekly schedules. Pawtastic can help you even if you enjoy walking your dog but just need a couple of days a week to abscond responsibility of the walk to us, or if you are finding it difficult to walk your dog due to old age or illness, or it could be that you want to treat your dog to an extra walk. We can help you.

We can help give your dog more exercise on a regular basis, dogs NEED walking for mental stimulation and general wellbeing, it improves muscle tone and prevents depression, reduces obesity and helps joint problems and can improve their behaviour.

You’ll get peace of mind with text updates that your pup is a happy pup and have faith knowing that we are taking care of your dog as well as you would.

In the first instance I arrange a meeting with any potential customers before booking to find out as much information about the dog/s as possible, this is also a great chance to meet your furpet. I like to find out things like where your normally walk the dog and the aim is do this walk together, because for the first few walks unless your dog is super confident, I like to try and keep the walk familiar until we have gained each others trust.

I also like to address the dog’s personality his/her likes and dislikes, some dogs don’t like other dogs or don’t particularly mix well with certain breeds because of a bad experience, some small dogs don’t like bigger dogs because they feel intimidated this is all important information that leads us on to the type of walk we would offer. Nearby walk, Hour Ashridge walk, on the lead, off the lead, ball play or stick play, treats or no treats and anything else you can think of.

For shy, nervous or old dogs or it may be preferable to walk your dog alone. This is £12.00 for an hour / £7 for half an hour. Half hour walk and play sessions are always ‘alone walks’ and are completed at green areas nearby your home because of time restraints but don’t worry we can fit a lot of fun in to half an hour.

I offer group walks in a small manageable group of no more than 3 dogs max. Group dogs are great for friendly dogs and dogs that like to mix with other dogs and enjoy socialization.

I don’t choose to walk more than 3 dogs at a time because sometimes they can display pack mentality, and obviously the more dogs you walk the more raucous it can possibly become, so walking 3 is for their safety and to ensure a happy and well managed dog walk. Group walks are always done in larger areas; Ashridge is a favourite of ours. Group walks are charged at £10 for an hour, and that starts when we get to the walking place. Further dogs from the same family receive a 50% discount.

At our initial meeting we will pencil in a walking plan, you can either give me a key or we can arrange a pick up point for a key, however if you have a key safe this is preferable, Key Safes are available from Amazon amongst many other retailers and provide a safe and effective way of leaving a key. Oh! I must not forget to add we have a DBS/CRB form to confirm I have no history in burglaries! And an insurance to protect us all.

We simply collect your dog at the time slot you’ve selected and off we go, we return your dog/s back to your home in as clean state as possible, this obviously depends on the great British weather, however if the dog is wet and muddy, I will towel wipe them down and wipe their paws, ensure they are left with water and offer them a treat if that’s been approved by yourself.

If you like what your read, I’m not barking mad (some people may disagree), drop me a line 07808023807 or an email at it’s imPAWtant that you feel comfortable leaving your canine friend with us and I hope after reading this you have an idea about what Pawtastic can offer and feel PAWsitive about making contact…Ruff Ruff

Please note that we are unable to walk bitches in season.

We are only able to accept dogs that are well behaved on the lead. Dogs can be walked off the lead but a disclaimer must be signed.

We work Dunstable, Caddington, Houghton Regis, Eaton Bray, Eddlesborough, Totternhoe, Hockcliffe, Toddington, Kensworth, Studham, Stanbridge, Chalton, outside of this radius will ensure a 50p per mile travelling fee.

ADDITIONAL ADD ONS Pawtastic can offer….

Cat and Small Pet Visits – When you have pets going away for long weekends or weeks away can be hindered and worrying when you have to place your cats and small pets in catteries and places alike. This is very costly and cats can often find catteries an extremely stressful experience, they are territorial animals so we have found that cat visits are PURRfect for our friendly felines in circumstances like this.

We visit your home, clean litter trays, clean bowls and provide fresh water and food, once or twice daily, exact requirements can be discussed and confirmed upon initial appointment. In addition to this we will place your mail in place that was agreed, water your house plants and put out your bins. If your cat is a house cat we will pet and offer the cat some attention should they want it. Not all cats want this, some like to have free use of a cat flap and come and go as they please. All this will be discussed prior to entrusting your pets in our care whilst you holiday with Sangria or Mojhitos carefree in the sunshine knowing all is being looked after at home. £10 per visit / £15 for two visits.