National Pet Owners Association

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  • Doggy daycare at my property
  • Care for other animals (e.g. cat visits)

National Pet Owners Association is a company established with an aim to protect pets all over the world. The company was founded by the people who used to work for the safety purposes of pets. Due to lack of funding and unavailability of the resources, they planned to establish an association that would help them in fulfilling their aim. The company provides huge benefits and advantages to the consumers in the form of free products, massive discounts, gifts and prizes, training free of cost, and much more. All of these features are celebrated by the members both on weekly and monthly basis. Along with this, the company also provide necessary resources and support to the No-Kill shelters, non-profit vets, and the rescue teams who are already working for the betterment of the pets.

The company is soon coming up with new features such as rescue team for the lost pets, GPS trackers and application, and a vet from whom the pet owners can ask anything anytime. All of these features have a common goal i.e. bringing a better and safer tomorrow for all the pets, and also satisfaction for the pet owners. The organization has helped and adopted many pets; majority being cats and dogs. All of these pets went through proper medical treatments and surgeries, and are now living in a better state. After their treatments, they have been transported to the No-Kill shelters.
National Pet Owners Association hosts different community events and welcomes fundraisers from all over the world. All these funds are used to provide basic requirements for the pets such as food, medical treatment, clothing, shelter, etc. Also, the company is coming up with better technology in order to fulfill their aim in an efficient way. The GPS tracking system would help the rescue team find the lost pets in a much easier way.

The organization provides complete guidance for the pet owners regarding everything their pet needs. For example, what kind of foods must be provided, what should be done in case of emergencies, what makes a pet happy, how pets should be trained, etc. All of this information helps the pet owners deal with their pets, and is especially beneficial for those who have never owned a pet, and are now wishing to own one.

National Pet Owners Association believes in working every possible way to help all the pet owners and protect animals.