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Please mention '' when contacting dog walkers and pet professionals you've found in our directory. Thank you!

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Dog Walker Directory supports UK animal rescue...


Looking for a new furry best friend? These dogs are in the care of UK rescues and they're in need of adoption.

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(For more information on each dog click the photo or description. To discuss in more details or enquire about adoption you need to contact the rescue that is currently caring for the dog. This will be noted above and/or near the top of information page.)

Buy Xanax Eu, Xanax Online 2015

Dog walker 'must-haves':

  • Dog doo bags - buy in bulk to save lots of money on bags
  • Spare dog leads - good quality strong leads are a must
  • A pet first aid kit - be prepared in case of emergencies and put your clients minds at ease

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